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Work with Slack and other team apps without losing our key resource: TIME

The Produce8 + Slack Playbook provides step-by-step instructions to recover time for great work and reduce burnout in your team.

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We love Slack, and it seems like your team does too. That's why we want to help everyone use it more effectively.

The Produce8 + Slack Playbook will show you how to:



See the number of Slack interactions your team is having every day



Get the team involved in analyzing the distraction problem and working to fix it



Give them back 30+ minutes of focus time per day from Slack interruptions

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The average worker will view
Slack 100+ times per day.
What is the refocusing cost
associated with that?

Why productivity hacks, tips, and
best practices don't work.

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Because they DON'T...



Account for individuality (work pace, seasonality, roles, company culture, etc.)



Provide the visual proof and metrics to show if the changes we make have the results we want.



Involve everyone in solving a team-based problem.

With this playbook, you don't have to
guess anymore.



Get access to Produce8, a free digital work analytics platform



Study your team's Slack usage patterns and identify areas of improvement



Run your first team experiment and see the results in real-time



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